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Limited Release - Burundi Masha Natural

Limited Release - Burundi Masha Natural

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Burundi Masha Natural 

Roast Level:  Light

Brightness:  Bright

Region: Kayanza

Tasting Notes:  Raspberry Floral Blueberry

Bag Size:  1lb

Discover the enchanting world of Burundi Masha Station, a place steeped in the rich history and culture of Burundi. Named after the sub-hill upon which it stands, Masha Station is famous for its cattle and the unique local phrase "gira amasho," which translates to "owner of cows."

Our Burundi Masha Natural comes from the dedicated farmers of Burundi, who cultivate Red Bourbon trees on small plots. With the support of Greenco, a company that oversees washing stations, over 15,210 coffee-producing households are empowered to produce high-quality coffee beans.

Tasting Notes: Indulge in the captivating flavors of our Burundi Masha Natural. Your senses will come alive with the sweet taste of ripe strawberries, the bright tang of raspberries, the delicate floral undertones, and the irresistible juiciness of blueberries.

Quality and Sustainability: We are committed to delivering exceptional coffee while supporting the farmers, families, and environment of this unique region. Our meticulous quality control processes include selective handpicking, floating, and hand-sorting cherries to ensure the finest flavor in every cup. Masha Station's dedication to environmental stewardship is evident in its water treatment facilities, solar panels, and batteries that promote a sustainable future.

Embrace the magic of Burundi Masha Station with our extraordinary natural coffee. Delight in a remarkable coffee experience and join us in supporting the communities and environment that make it all possible.



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