Crafting Sound Coffee: From Vision to Reality

Sometimes gifts keep on giving in unexpected ways. Over a decade ago, Jeff's mother-in-law (Sarah's mom) gave him green coffee beans for Christmas, along with home roasting instructions she printed off the Internet. She said, “I know how much you love coffee, so I thought you might enjoy roasting the beans yourself. They say fresh roasted coffee tastes better.”

We started with an old 1980s popcorn popper we bought on eBay that held less than half a cup of beans at one time. Before long, we were hooked. Jeff went from being someone who always needed a splash of milk in his coffee to drinking it black because the freshness and the flavor really are that much better.

Soon enough, we invested in home roaster machine so we could roast a higher quantity of beans and better control roasting outcomes. We've been regularly roasting quality, socially-conscious beans ever since and we're thrilled to be sharing our love of small batch roasted coffee with our fellow coffee lovers in and around Bridgeport, Connecticut.

~Jeff & Sarah 

Our Mission

To provide our fellow coffee lovers with delicious fresh-roasted coffee produced with care and love for the product, for our planet, and for the farmers and communities who grow it for us.