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Haro Lebetu Guji Gr. 1 FW

Roast Level:  Light

Brightness:  Complex

Region: Guji, Ethiopia

Tasting Notes:  Berries, Stone Fruit, Tea

Bag Size:  1lb

Delve into the historic cradle of coffee with our Haro Lebetu Guji, a Grade 1 coffee that encapsulates the soul of Ethiopia. Grown in the renowned microclimates of Guji, this coffee offers a tapestry of flavors that are as rich and diverse as the land itself. The coffee cherries are nurtured at soaring altitudes of 2,160 meters, where they are handpicked with care and precision, ensuring that every cup conveys the full narrative of its origin.

Haro Lebetu's Bourbon varietal beans are fully washed with meticulous care, embodying the tradition and quality that Ethiopian coffee is celebrated for. The region's commitment to natural, organic farming practices shines through in the purity of flavor found in every bean. With no chemical interference, the true essence of this coffee is preserved, offering a tasting experience that is both pristine and profound.

Tasting Notes: Engage your senses with a coffee that dances with the vibrant notes of berries, carries the lush sweetness of stone fruit, and finishes with the delicate grace of tea. Each sip is a step through the verdant highlands of Guji, an area where coffee is not just grown but revered.

Quality and Sustainability: As with all our selections, the Haro Lebetu Guji is a testament to our dedication to excellence and sustainability. By partnering directly with the Harsu Haro Muda Farm, we ensure that this Grade 1 coffee not only meets but exceeds specialty coffee standards. From the selective handpicking of cherries to the raised-bed drying process, every step is taken with an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.

Indulge in the Haro Lebetu Guji and savor a coffee that's as extraordinary as the land from which it hails. With each brew, celebrate the time-honored traditions and innovative spirit of Ethiopian coffee cultivation.

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