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Roast Level:  Dark

Brightness:  Low

Region:  Gayo, Aceh, Sumatra

Tasting Notes:  Earthy, Cedar, Red Pepper

Bag Size:  1lb

Tasting Notes: Lauser Antara encapsulates the essence of Sumatran coffee, offering a rich, earthy profile with hints of spice and woody undertones – a truly captivating and robust cup that reflects the unique terroir of the region.

Quality and Sustainability: By enjoying this coffee, you're supporting a cooperative that prioritizes the welfare of its members and the environment. Each sip is a celebration of the cooperative’s journey towards sustainability and quality.

Experience the authentic taste of Sumatra with our Lauser Antara Sumatra DP Gr. 1 FTO, a coffee that embodies the spirit of its origin with every cup.

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